About Lisa


BHSII (Regd))
BHS SM (Regd)
SSA A Instructor, Judge and Examiner

I am a BHS trained freelance instructor, rider and panel judge with 30 years of experience in training all levels of horses and riders from nervous novices through to national level competition. I enjoy teaching anyone who is willing to learn and improve both themselves and their horse or horses.

I have been involved with horses most of my life starting out as a pony mad girl with a very opinionated Shetland pony progressively through to my competition horses now.

Over the years I have worked with all sorts of horses and ponies, breaking, schooling and competing. I have successfully competed BS, BE, BD and side saddle, as well as training numerous clients to succeed within these disciplines.

I have also successfully trained many students towards their own BHS examinations up to stable manager’s level, taking great pride and pleasure in watching there future careers progress.

Every horse and rider combination will have different goals, so whether you just want to hack out safely and know how to correctly look after, and care for, your horse or you aspire to compete at local or national level I am sure I can help.